Welcome to vEgo Boost!  Firstly, thank you so much for taking the time to find out more about us and to hopefully discover a new way to deal with YOUR menopause, YOUR way. Here's a little introduction from me to you and how & why I ended up here... 

Last year I was prematurely, and rather spectacularly, launched into the menopause aged 40, having undergone a total hysterectomy due to stage 4 endometriosis (thanks, Mother Nature!). During my recovery, I searched for natural, vegan, menopause-specific products to help me on my new, unknown (and quite frankly, scary!) journey. After trawling the internet, I was shocked and disappointed at the sheer lack of products available. We all go through the menopause, right?

So, where WERE the purposeful, menopause-specific products we deserved?
Where were the experiences we could enjoy to make ourselves feel good? 

Where were the tool kits to help us remember that we are STILL amazing, worthy and capable of so much?

To help us feel a step closer to taking on the world once again? 

To take a moment to give ourselves those boosts we need & deserve, at a significant time of change in our lives? 

So many questions and only one answer. 
...and that just didn't sit right with me. 

I feverishly began reading, researching, brainstorming, experimenting & looking at what I wanted as someone living through the menopause. After enrolling on a business course in candle making & working towards becoming a fully qualified Menopause Wellness Practitioner, I focused passionately on perfecting recipes, products and scent combinations - testing products on myself and any menopausal family members and friends i could find!  Eventually, vEgo Boost was born! 

Our products are designed to help give us autonomy over our personal menopause experience. I truly believe that we deserve to feel good about ourselves while proudly navigating (and smashing!) the last taboo that is, The Menopause. 

So please be kind to yourself on this journey, know that you've got this & give yourself the ultimate (vegan) ego boost. You deserve it. We ALL deserve it.

Lots of love, 


psst... here's an exciting secret we'll let you in on...

We are also working super hard to finalise, perfect and bring to you, later in the year, our full range of: 

affirmation candles
 wax melts & burners
 incense sticks & holders 
handcrafted herbal teas 
skin care & self care 
journalling, affirmations & mindfulness 
mood boost kits
estrogen boost kits
sacral chakra boost kits
sleep health kits 
detox bath kits 
hysterectomy recovery kits 
crystal pendants
pulse point roller trio
seasonal treat kits

PLUS: From 1st July, enjoy a range of incredible digital downloads. Designed to help you track your symptoms, encourage you to find simple joys to improve every day, positive menopause affirmations & so much more.
...Watch this space! 

vEgo Boost products are not intended to be used as a substitute for Hormone Replacement Therapy. I use mine alongside my prescribed HRT medication combination. Our products are designed to boost confidence, mind, body, soul and spirit through our beautiful blends of pure essential oils and combinations of natural crystals, fragrant flowers, delicate buds & sweet herbs. (Kate Elizabeth, founder of vEgo Boost)

Candles & Wax Melt Bars

Mood Boosting Lavender & Coconut

Estrogen Boosting Clary Sage & Frankincense

Sacral Chakra Boosting Orange & Vanilla

Topical Wellbeing 

Cooling Peppermint Spray

Coconut & Avocado Oil Balm

Vegan-Collagen Golden Facial Serum

Magnesium Products

Magnesium-Rich, Rose Petal-Infused Bath Salts Jar 
& Mini Wooden Scoop

Magnesium oil spray (available from 1st July)

Sleep Boost

Lavender Pillow Spray & Lavender-Infused Eye Mask

Downloadable Digital Products
(available from 1st July)

Various downloadable digital products such as symptom trackers, checklists, positive affirmations, diaries & much more.

(please note: these products are downloaded & printed by the customer. No tangible product is shipped).

How we make our products

All our unique products are beautifully handcrafted. We proudly create our delicate homemade blends with carefully selected natural ingredients, lovingly crafted into our bespoke vEgo Boost style. 

Our wellbeing products: golden facial serum, cooling spray, pillow spray, bath salts, balms & sleep kits, are all made to order to maximise shelf life and maintain optimum quality. 

Our wax melt bars are set for 24 hours before mould removal. 

Our full range of candles & wax melt bars are subsequently left to cure for a further 3-5 days to enhance each scent and allow the blend to infuse fully, before being enriched with carefully chosen crystals and dried flowers. 

Every care is taken to ensure you receive the best quality product possible, for your ultimate vEgo Boost experience.

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